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In accordance with the provisions of the "Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales", declares Barichara Trajes de Baño, S.A. de CV, hereinafter referred to as "The Company". to be legaly constituted in accordance with Mexican law, with domicile at Boulevard. Adolfo Ruiz Cortines No. 7650 Local 18 Colonia Villa Cuemanco, Alcaldía Tlalpan in Mexico City (CDMX) C.P. 14360; and as responsible for the treatment of your personal data, we inform you that the information of our clients is treated in a strictly confidential manner, therefore, when you provide your personal data, they will have the meaning attributed to them. will have the meaning attributed to them in article 3 of the Law, such as:

 Full name.
 Federal Taxpayers Registry.
 Telephones (home, office and/or mobile).


1. They shall be used solely and exclusively for the following purposes:


 Information to identify, locate, communicate, contact, send information and/or merchandise.
 Database Update.
 Any purpose analogous or compatible with the above.


2. The temporality of the handling of the Personal Data will be indefinite as of the date on which the client provides to "The Empresa"The client may object at any time he/she deems it appropriate by giving notice of his/her opposition..


3. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and in order to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, we have established various procedures in order to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat them properly. Lhe conservation is limited a individuals and/or legal entities with which "The Company" has any relationship.


4. Through the following channels you can update your data and specify the means by which you wish to receive information, since, in case of not having this specification on your part, "The Company" will freely establish the channel it deems appropriate to send you information, in accordance with the provisions of the Law in written or electronic form. in accordance with the provisions of the Law in written or electronic form, directing your message to Barichara Trajes de Baño, S.A de C.V., at the address mentioned above or at the e-mail address, e-shop@bariswimwear.com, for the above, you must explain in detail which personal data are the ones you require to be); corregistered, rectified and/or canceled

This privacy notice may be modified by Barichara Trajes de Baño, S.A de C.V., such modifications will be duly informed via email, telephone, or any other means of communication that Barichara Trajes de Baño, S.A de C.V. determines for this purpose.


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