Barichara Swim suit SA of CV, and Group Slick SA of CV, located in Viaduct Tlalpan 1013th, Cabbage. The Jewel, he admits the importance of treating the personal and legitimate information of a controlled way of the users of our web sites.

By virtue of the previous thing, we provide to him this Politics of Privacy, which stems from the requisites of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal details in Possession of the Individuals and Regulations, by that it is informed about the dealing that will be given to its personal details and another information compiled across our web sites.

Barichara Swim suit compiles, uses, stores and/or transfers its personal details to the measurement in which the law allows it, to carry out its own commercial, such ends as: mailing of the goods acquired across our web page, mailing of bulletins, analysis to determine the efficacy of our publicity and legal obligations. Barichara Swim suit SA of CV, and Group Slick SA of CV will be able to use its personal details for other ends, whenever such effects are similar to the previous and compatible one with the same one.

Its personal details will be treated only by the necessary time to fulfill the described targets and/or in accordance with the established for the applicable laws.